Syria: A machine producing 3 million Corona test results for people

Civil war victims in Syria’s densely populated region of Aleppo have revealed that only one machine was available to test the Corona virus.

The civilian population of the country is more than 1.5 million, while in the major populous provinces or regions where there is no other health facilities, there is only one to confirm the global outbreak. Millions of lives were at stake when the machine was made.

According to Reuters news agency, the Syrian province of Idlib has a population of around 3 million and there is only one machine to test  at a health center run by a welfare organization.

According to the report, there is only one machine that reports test results in a laboratory testing the pandemic disease, which is supported by a social organization.

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Dr. Muhammad Shaheem Maki, who manages the laboratory, confirmed that he has only one machine that works to test the entire area’s test results.

He said that so far 300 tests have been done from all over the area, all of which have come out negative, however they have come up with another 5,000 test samples which will take time to check on a single machine.

The doctor who handled the laboratory said that he would test selected samples out of the 5,000 test samples, which would be extremely dubious.

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Surprisingly, only 29 confirmed corona cases were reported in Syria by April 15, and only one confirmed death has occurred, but experts from global welfare agencies, including US and British experts, have expressed concern that Syria. I will have at least one million deaths from Corona.

Experts say that the civil war in the country has been ruined due to a decade-long war and that there is no good facilities in the hospitals.

Syrian hospitals also have severe shortages of ventilators and beds, while civil war there has forced people to stay in camps, which has led experts to worry about the rapid spread of the Corona virus in the camps.

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