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The only country in the world where all corona virus patients are cured

The only country in the world that completely controlled the new Novel Corona virus epidemic, and now no one is infected with the disease, Cod-19.

Yes Greenland is currently the first and only country in the world where the virus has appeared, but all 11 patients have recovered.

According to the National Medical Office of Greenland, in a country with 57 thousand populations, 844 tests were confirmed in 11 of the 11 people.

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All Greenland cases were reported in the capital Nook, which has a population of over 18,000.

The EU Observer report said that after 11 cases were diagnosed, a severe lockdown was implemented in Greenland.

Greenland has also closed all borders and taken stringent measures to prevent the virus from recurring.

Borders have been closed for this purpose; no longer can travel to Greenland by air, by ship or by any means, and no one is allowed to come in or out of the country without special permission.

According to the report, outbreaks of deadly pandemic outbreaks in Greenland occurred in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the Corona virus was feared to spread widely.

Despite the fact that there are no cases, stringent measures have been maintained in Greenland, and the country’s former Minister of Health, Ovie Raging Owls, said the lockdown could last for a year because Greenland did not have enough resources to make it more ill. To handle people.

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He said, “Our ability to deal with respiratory problems is limited. If the burden on the system increases too much, most people will be killed, instead of allowing the virus to spread. Well, unless the vaccine is available, I believe we should have very little contact with other people for a long time, at least for another 12 months. ‘

Dr. Jarrett Molloyd of Queen Ingrid Hospital, Greenland’s only major hospital, said he had no idea how many people would need medical help if the lockdown was eliminated before the vaccine was available.

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“Our strategy is to protect the health system from the burden, we have more options to isolate the country, if we work correctly, we will control another epidemic and There is no end to the world ‘.

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