The results of experimental drugs for the treatment of cod 19 are encouraging

In China, the trial of an experimental drug remdesivir (cure 19) for people with the new Novel Corona virus disease began in early February, and the trial began in the United States.

Now the results of a trial in the United States have come out, in which it has been called encouraging results against experimental drug Code 19.

Research published in the Journal of the New England General of Medicine used this drug in a small group of patients, and the majority of them showed significant improvement in the condition, which is currently used to treat untreatable disease.

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Patients who were included in this study were in critical condition and were required to use this drug for compassionate use (ie, a drug that is not approved for treatment but should be used without any treatment) as a trial. Used.

The study included 53 patients who were from the US, Europe and the UK and 50% of them were placed on ventilator while 4 were linked to a heart-bypass machine. ۔

All of these patients were used for 10 days and improved to 68% in 18 days and increased oxygen levels in the body.

Seventeen of the 30 people who were on the ventilator were able to get out of life support machines, while around 50% of the people involved in the study were discharged after being healed, but 13% were killed.

The mortality rate was higher among those on ventilator, of which 18% died.

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Jonathan De Graine, director of the Sida Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and included in the research team, said: “We cannot conclude with this data, but from the observation of patients undergoing treatment at the hospital, we can say that the results of the remodecor are encouraging. Are ‘.

Research found this drug to be safe and effective for treating Code 19.

Numerous large-scale clinical trials on this drug are currently underway to explore the effects of Cod19.

It is thought that more than 17 million people have become ill as a result of this disease worldwide and more than 3,000 have died.

There is currently no cure for the disease, but the symptoms are cured and more than 300,000 people have recovered so far.

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A research on remodecure is underway in China, with the results expected to be released this month, while results under research by the US National Institutes of Health in the United States may be revealed in the next few weeks.

This drug was developed by Gilead Sciences Inc., which is also paying for 2 trials.

The drug was developed to control infectious diseases, such as Ebola, and a trial was launched on humans in China over the signs of early and effective anti-Corona virus.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in January reported that pneumonia was the first patient in the United States to improve with the use of this experimental drug.

Even before the outbreak of this new virus, various universities in the US had discovered in laboratories tests that the drug works effectively against a variety of corona viruses.

If this drug is found to be widely effective, one problem would be its adequate supply and the preparation process by Gilead has been accelerated.

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In China, it also filed a patent application in February, indicating that in China, the experimental drug could be effective in controlling the Corona virus.

In an article published in the Medical Journal Journal Cell in February, scientists discovered that remdesivir and chloroquine (an 80-year-old malaria drug) have been ‘very effective’ in controlling the novel corona virus in laboratory tests.

China is currently capable of producing chloroquine and now wants access to remdesivir, it is not yet clear what decision was taken by the Intellectual Property Authorities of China at the request of Wuhan Institute.

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