If the hands are not washed then what changes in the body?

The best way to prevent the new corona virus outbreak from China is to clean the hands.The World Health Organization’s guidelines for the prevention of the Novel Corona virus say that people should wash their hands often with soap and water.

In fact, this habit not only protects against corona virus but also many other diseases.

It has been revealed years ago that washing hands can reduce the risk of getting sick, and a study has shown that if washing hands is made a frequent habit, one million lives can be saved every year.

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But on the contrary, if you wash your hands only once or twice a day, then the Corona virus is probably far-reaching, but the effects it has on the body are startling.


Transfer of germs to other people

If you do not wash your hands, germs stick to them, which you can make them sick by moving them to your friends and family. By hand, these germs can move to the door knob or railing and can even infect people from there, wash your hands thoroughly whenever you go to the washroom.

You may be ill yourself

All the germs that come into the hands can pass through the eyes and mouth through the body, and these diseases can be serious, soap washing can protect against cholera, respiratory infections and others.

Diseases in children

Most children do not wash their hands and are sick of the germs present. Teaching children to wash their hands can reduce the risk of digestive problems by up to 57%.

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Reduction in financial costs

Pakistan does not have such statistical data, but millions of people do not return to the office every year as a result of the flu in the US and the economy suffers $ 7 billion and one of the most effective means of preventing the flu is good hand hygiene. I spend $ 4.6 billion every year on people to treat the flu, so washing your hands can reduce your costs.

Digestive disorders

Cholera is the second leading cause of death among children under the age of 5 worldwide and many cases occur in adults as well, but one study found that washing hands with soap is one of every 10 cases of cholera. Can prevent up to 4 cases.

Eye diseases

Good hand hygiene also protects against eye diseases, such as the prevention of conjunctivitis or the risk of bacterial infections that can lead to blindness worldwide.

Skin infection

Bacteria, called staphylococcus, are bacteria that are often found in the skin and nerves; if these germs enter into an open wound, they can reach the joints, bones and organs when they reach the itch or soft tissues of the skin. Increases the risk of blood poisoning, good hand hygiene helps to prevent the pathogens to travel while also covering the open wound.

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How to wash your hands?

The World Health Organization has outlined a few tips for hand hygiene and described it as a good procedure.

Under this method, first wet your hands and then apply soap, rubbing your palm until the soap bubbles.

Then rub the palm of one hand on the back of the other hand and then do the same with the other palm.

Rub thoroughly between the fingers of both hands.

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Rub the back of your fingers and before that, fold the fingers of both hands together.

At the 5th point, rub the left palm from your left thumb with the same movement as the clock needles, then do the same with the right hand thumb on the left palm.

Now do the same thing on the back of the palm, rubbing through the thumb like clockwork needles.

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