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Corona virus: woman arrested for lick goods worth Rs 300,000

The woman was arrested and sued for lick at least 3,000 Pakistani rupees at a store in the US state of California.

The woman’s lick of expensive items came at a time when tight security measures have already been put in place in all US stores and shopping malls in view of the rapid spread of the Corona virus.

Things are being wasted after a suspicious move was made by anyone, including the sick person’s arrival and sneezing at stores and general household-use stores for security measures.

According to a report by thenews, a woman in a village near the US state of Nevada, California, arrested and lodged a lawsuit against the US $ 1800, before picking up Pakistani goods worth about Rs 3 lakh. Done.

According to the report, the employee of the store said that Jennifer Walker, 53, picked up some jewelry just before the purchase and put them back after she licked them while the woman started buying other essential items.

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According to the store administration, on the act of the woman, the store management declared all the items liable for sale and added them to the woman’s shopping list and they were arrested and handed over to the police.

The woman was remanded to the El Dorado County Jail, where, on April 9, the woman secured bail in the amount of US $ 10,000, about Pakistani rupees, but the case against her will continue.

The store reported that the store’s management dismissed the woman’s luggage as unsafe by avoiding taking precautionary measures in the wake of the Corona virus outbreak.

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Prior to the incident, on March 27 last month, a supermarket in the US state of New Jersey also destroyed nearly Rs. 56 million worth of items from a woman for sneezing and coughing near food items.

New Jersey’s Guarantee Supermarket threw away some $ 56 million worth of food when a woman coughed up after being sneaked into a bakery, fruit and vegetable section while shopping.

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Store officials said it was not yet clear whether the woman was joking or she had any symptoms, such as the corona virus, but the woman was later arrested and sent for a test.

Similarly, in a New Jersey store last month, a man was arrested for coughing up food items and started proceedings against him under terror provisions.

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In other countries like the US, essential goods stores have been advised to take precautionary measures and they have been instructed to keep people away from each other, including keeping a minimum of rush in the shop.

Super stores and general shoppers are making stringent arrangements to prevent Corona viruses around the world from taking precautions.

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