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Insider Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Free online urdu subtitles for The Insider episode 1, which begins extremely intriguingly. Sarap, a boy, is seen making his way to the restroom. While he should have been there at the ceremony for the swearing-in of newly Indianized police officers. The first scene shows a large group of police officers. Flags are displayed in front of them. They should swear an oath by having hands placed on them.

The mother and sister of Sarp are waiting for him to arrive at the event. However, he was making his way to the restroom. He walks into the restroom. and removes the firearm from the toilet box after opening it. He was furious at the time. In a similar fashion, he exits and walks over to where the ceremony is taking place.

Now he leaves his position and enters, calling out to the chief. Head Yusuf By that point, the entire group had split apart. Everywhere there is fear. However, Yusuf Chief calms everyone down as the young men in charge of the coffee security hold a gun at him. Next, Sarap’s mother and sister speak out. Serap asserts to the chief that he has been annihilated.

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