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Postcard sent from sister to brother received 33 years later

Iowa: A postcard in the United States has finally reached its destination after 33 years. This is a postcard Anne Lowell posted to her brother in 1987.

This postcard was posted by Annie to her brother Paul Willis in Barbados just before Christmas. Annie is a former teacher by profession and recently received a phone call from her brother in which she said that she had received a postcard sent to her in 1987.

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On the postcard, Annie can be seen with a famous Hwasu waterfall, and this photo was taken in 1987. Willis is now 65 years old and he told his sister on a card that a picture was worth more than 1000 words.
The date of arrival in the United States is written on this postcard as December 18, the seal of which is also clear, while the other recipient stamp is April 29, 2020. The post office was then contacted and asked where the card had been kept for a third of a century.

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The post office administration said that the entire office was being cleaned due to the Corona lockdown and it was revealed at the USPS post office.

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