Combination of 3 drugs to help corona virus recover faster, research

A combination of 3 antiviral drugs strengthens the immune system and helps patients with the new novel coronavirus recover faster than code 19.

Doctors in Hong Kong say more tests are needed, but there is another possibility of treating patients with code 19 if needed.

Currently in the United States and Japan, only one remedial drug is allowed to be used for treatment, which reduces the duration of the disease but its supply is limited.

Dr. Cook Yongyun of the University of Hong Kong and his team combined 2 HIV drugs, retonavir and lupanavir, with a common antiviral drug, ribavirin and beta-interferon.

The patients in this study had mild to moderate severity of code 19 and their treatment was started within 7 days after the test.

The research team gave some patients a combination of HIV drugs that are often sold under the brand name of Caletra, while others were given ribavirin with both drugs and beta-interferon injections.

The results, published in the journal Lancet, show that people who were given a combination of more drugs recovered in an average of 7 days, while those who were given only HIV drugs took an average of 12 days to become infected with the virus.

Very few side effects
Patients who were given a cocktail of medication began to feel better within 4 days.

“Initially, the use of these drugs was safe, shortening the duration of symptoms and virus loss, as well as reducing the length of hospital stay for moderately ill patients,” the researchers said.

He said that the harmful effects of this cocktail were rarely seen.

Dr. Peter Chen Hong, who treats coronavirus patients at the University of California, Los Angeles, said the findings set new expectations for the epidemic.

“This research tells us that remediation is not the only drug and there are other options around,” he told CNN.

“These drugs have a record of safety and are readily available,” he said.

Remedies are allowed in the United States, but many hospitals and medical centers do not know when they will be available.

Dr. Peter said the new research raises hopes for other treatments, “possibly we can get it when the alleged magic pill is not found.”

A combination of different drugs against the corona virus is being tested around the world, and doctors are agreeing that there is no complete cure.

“We couldn’t waste time on Code 19, these new results are one of the few options that tell us that old drugs can do new things, we don’t have time to develop a drug from scratch because We are in a crisis right now, we have to get help from the resources that we have

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