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Increased expectations of getting the first drug to treat code 19

There is currently no cure for the new novel coronavirus disease Code 19 and medical experts prescribe medication according to its symptoms.

But it seems that the first drug for the disease is about to emerge, due to a claim made by the American company Gilad Sciences, according to which the anti-epidemic drug remedicator has succeeded in one of the most important trials.

The antiviral drug remediver is being tested on code 19 patients worldwide, and according to the company, a study conducted at US National Health found the drug to be effective against the disease.

However, the company did not provide any data in this regard.

But the FDA is expected to approve emergency use of the drug soon.

On the other hand, Dr. Anthony S. Fawi, a scientist who led his task force with US President Donald Trump, also hoped that the drug would help reduce the death rate.

The company said in a statement that “we believe this trial has been successful.”

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In fact, it means that patients can recover faster than other drugs.

The company said more details would be provided in a briefing by the US National Institute of Health Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Remedies are currently being given more importance than other drugs being tested against corona virus.

Interestingly, a study in China on remedicator did not find its effects to be more beneficial than other drugs.

Research in China was halted at an early stage due to a shortage of patients, and other medical experts called the results incomplete.

Effective treatment against code 19 will be an important milestone as patients with code 19 are currently being tested for drugs that have not been approved.

The remediator is given by injection and has so far been tested on patients undergoing treatment in the hospital and has not been tested for preventive treatment or to help patients with mild symptoms.

Earlier this month, trial results for the drug were released at a Chicago hospital.

At the University of Chicago Medicine, 125 patients with code 19 were included in the third phase of the pharmaceutical company’s clinical trials.

The severity of the disease was higher in 113 out of 125 patients and for the treatment of all these patients, remedial fluid was injected daily into the body.

“The good news is that most of our patients are now discharged, with only two patients left,” said Dr. Kathleen Mullen, an epidemiologist at the University of Chicago who oversees the research on the experimental drug.

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The results showed that with the use of this drug, the patients’ fever and respiratory symptoms disappeared very quickly and in less than a week, all the patients were declared healthy and discharged from the hospital.

Dr. Kathleen declined to give a clear result, saying: “This is very difficult, because the study did not compare the group using other drugs, but when we started using the drug, we saw That the severity of the fever began to decrease, we saw that when the patient came with a high fever, the medicine would reduce it immediately, we saw people coming out of the ventilators only one day after the treatment, This medicine worked very well on our patients.

“Most of our patients had very severe illnesses and most of them were discharged in 6 days, so we can say that the duration of treatment was not 10 days, very few patients, maybe 3 people were like that,” he said. Who were discharged in 10 days.

Gilead’s serious cases have involved 2,400 patients in 152 different clinical trials around the world, while separate trials are being conducted on 1,600 moderate patients in 169 different centers.

The trials are being conducted on 5- and 10-day drug treatment courses, with the primary goal being to determine which of the two courses is most effective for patients.

An earlier study, published in the April 10 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, found that the drug was used in a small group of patients, with a significant improvement in the condition of the majority.

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The study included 53 patients from the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom, 50% of whom were placed on a ventilator when their condition worsened, while 4 were connected to a heart-link bypass machine. ۔

All of these patients were given the drug for 10 days, and in 18 days their condition improved by 68% and their oxygen levels increased.

Seventeen of the 30 people on the ventilator were able to get out of life support machines, while about 50 percent of those surveyed were discharged after recovering, but 13 percent died.

Mortality rates were higher among those on ventilators, with 18% dying.

Jonathan D. Green, director of the research team at Seda Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and a member of the research team, said: Are effective ‘.

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The study found the drug to be safe and effective in treating code 19.

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