Two of my relatives died of corona virus, Raz Ahmed

Rizwan Ahmed, a British actor of Pakistani origin, revealed in a recent interview that two members of his family had died of the corona virus.

“Now that we are talking about Corona, I lost two of my family members to the same virus, I just want to believe it,” Riz Ahmed was quoted as saying by Deadline. That is not how they died, we have to move forward and hope for a better future.

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“It’s a time when the real truth is coming out, as if people have taken off their veils, or they have been forced to take off their veils, people are getting to know better now,” he added. ۔

Raz Ahmed further said that now the world has come at a time when everyone has to do something for each other to get out of this crisis.

The actor added that at the moment, countries around the world are thinking more about the economy, but what is important is the lives of the people, life, this world and the health of the people should come first.

He also said that while people are trying to help each other as much as possible due to the corona virus, in some countries governments are turning people against each other.

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“I have read some reports in India where Muslims have been accused of spreading corona and some reports have claimed that hospitals for Muslims and people of other faiths have been set aside,” he said. ‘

According to Raz Ahmed, US President Donald Trump has also made several controversial statements regarding the corona virus.

It is believed that the number of people infected with the corona virus is constantly increasing around the world and so far the number of victims has exceeded 3 million while the death toll has exceeded 211,000.

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According to the Corona Virus Statistics website, 3,065,176 people are currently infected worldwide.

Speaking of Pakistan, the number of victims here is 13965 while the death toll is 294.

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