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Google’s video conferencing service is now available to everyone for free

Google has unveiled its most important weapon against the popular video calling app Zoom in the form of Google Mate, which users will now be able to use for free.

The company announced in a blog post that from May, Google Mate will be available for free to all people who have a Gmail account.

The number of Zoom users increased from 10 million to 200 million in a few months during the Corona virus epidemic, and Google has announced that its premium video conferencing software, Google Mate, is now available every month. Free for one.

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Currently, the software is part of Google’s G Suite business service package, which costs ڈالر 6 per person per month.

But now Google Mate is being made free and with it, video meetings of up to 100 people will be possible on Google Mate’s website, iOS or Android app.

Google Calendar will also be able to start or join a video meeting, using extended tile view layouts such as real-time captions and zoom.

According to Google, the duration of the free account meeting will be 60 minutes per person, but this rule will apply after September 30.

Google said that the free availability of Mate will be gradually made available to users and will be informed through a notification, for which go to this link and sign up now.

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Google has already made the premium features available to G-Suite users free until September 30, but unlike free service users, paid monthly subscribers can add up to 250 people to a video call.

You can also record and save live streams with 100,000 viewers.

But access to a free video conferencing service will also benefit many people who are confined to their homes as a result of the epidemic.

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