Common mistakes that eliminate the benefits of hand washing

There is currently no cure for the new Novel Coronavirus disease Code 19, so the best way to prevent this epidemic is to take precautions.

Hand washing is one of the most important precautions in this regard, along with other measures such as social distance, use of face masks and cleaning of used items.

It has long been known that the habit of washing hands is very important for health, as it reduces the risk of various respiratory diseases such as the common cold.

This habit also helps prevent cholera from spreading.

But the usefulness of hand washing is lost as a result of a few mistakes and the following are the common mistakes that eliminate the benefits of hand washing.

Wash hands less
Throughout the day you will touch a number of objects with your hands and fingers that can be exposed to germs, including the Covarna virus.

Once the germs reach the fingers, they can be easily transmitted to the body by touching the eyes, nose or mouth. Washing hands is the best way to get rid of them quickly. If water and soap are not available, hand sanitizers Could also be a good option.

Wash your hands:

After going to a public place where you touch something like a counter top or door handle or a stair railing.

Before touching your face, especially the eyes, nose and mouth.

Preparing food and before and after meals.

After going to the toilet.

After touching animals or handling their food and waste.

Before and after the baby’s diaper.

After throwing out the trash.

Don’t use too much soap foam
After wetting hands with hot or cold water, it is important to get a good soap foam. Disinfectant soap is also not required. Ordinary soap can also do this job. It is easy to remove dirt, grease and germs from the skin with soap foam. It happens.

Do not rub your hands
Don’t forget to rub the back of your hands, between your fingers and inside your nails, it is better to cut your nails short.

Don’t wash for too long
Germs need to be rubbed off your hands for at least 20 seconds.

Rinse thoroughly with water
After rubbing your hands, you need to wash them thoroughly with water to get rid of the germs in your hands.

Do not dry your hands
Germs are more easily transmitted in wet hands, so don’t forget to dry with a clean towel after washing your hands. If you are outdoors, use a toilet roll that is better than an electric dryer

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