With which movie is Meghan Markle returning to Hollywood?

British Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle announced their deportation on January 9 this year, after it was reported that Meghan would return to the show with a Disney movie and now the name of the film. Also came into the scene.

According to news agency AP reports, Meghan is about to return to Mercer with the Disney documentary ‘Elephants’.

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Meghan Markle

However, the actress will not play any role in this documentary, but Meghan Markle will only give her voice to this animal-based documentary.

Disney Studios recently announced that Meghan Markle has lent its voice to the film, which will be released on April 3 this year,

The film will be released on Disney’s streaming service.

The story of this documentary is based on the journey of a family of elephants.

It is to be remembered that although the royal couple had announced separation from royal positions and positions this year, the couple did not specify why they were doing so.

Prince Harry and his wife said in a statement released on their charity website ‘Sussex Royal’ that they would continue to work with Queen Britain and the Royal Palace, despite their royal withdrawal.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

At the same time, the couple announced that they are committed to creating a new and unique identity and will take new steps to meet their expenses.

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It is to be noted that after the announcement of the separation of the royal status and positions of the doomsday, it was also reported that Meghan is about to return to Merkel Showbiz, after which it was reported that Meghan had done some films with Disney. Had also signed an agreement for.

They both announced that the proceeds from these projects would be paid to a welfare organization called Elephants Without Out Borders.

It may be recalled that Meghan was associated with Merkel Showbiz before she married Prince Harry in May 2019 and she has appeared in a few films including acting in a few plays while she has been modeling.

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After being engaged to Prince Harry, she had moved away from showbiz, which was why the royal family was not happy with her showbiz industry.

Maghan Markel

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