When the Undertaker gave ‘the living burial’ to the well-known Wrestler

WWE star Undertaker ‘buried alive’ Wrestler AJ Styles in a dramatic match. This was the main event of the first day of WrestleMania 36 and was truly a fantastic contest that felt more like a horror movie than a wrestling one.

The Undertaker is already known for the Brad Alive matches, but this time he was introduced to a new style.

If you haven’t seen this contest yet, you must be disappointed, as this is also the Undertaker’s first best competition in many years and was named the Bone Yard Match, which is the history of the company.

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There is also a first match.

Everything was unique in this match at an unidentified wilderness, while the Undertaker flocked differently than usual.

The Undertaker had put AJ Styles in the tomb within minutes of the match between the two wrestlers, but then AJ’s companions Giles and Anderson arrived.

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This gave AJ Styles the chance to handle it and they put the Deadman (another Nick Under-Nick) in the tomb and tried to throw clay, so the Undertaker magically appeared behind him and was taken aback.

After that, the Undertaker took his rivals in half, knocked them on the roof of the house tanks, set the house on fire, and hugged AJ Styles and praised him.

But then he kicked the last kick and buried AJ Styles in the grave and gave him a ‘burial’.

It was one of the few unique events in WrestleMania’s history, and it seems the competition for the Corona virus outbreak in the empty arena has given WWE something new to offer.

After this contest, there are rumors that Undertaker has said goodbye to the wrestling world.

Well after every wrestlemania such rumors are not new, but this time one thing is different.

According to Wrestling News, people’s positive reaction to this match could potentially force Undertaker to retire, which was disappointing in recent years due to poor performance in the Wrestling Ring.

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According to the report, the Undertaker wanted to say goodbye to Wrestling after a good competition as the matches have been very bad in recent years, and now it seems that his wish has been fulfilled.

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