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The Man who celebrate his 104th anniversary after defeat the new Corona virus

It is believed that the disease caused by the new Novel Corona virus is more dangerous for 19 elderly people, but surprisingly many people over 100 years old in different countries have succeeded in defeating the deadly disease.

One of them is Bill Lipisch, a native of the United States who defeated Cod 19 and celebrated his 104th birthday.

According to CNN reports, Bill Lashions, born in 1916, suffered a Spanish flu outbreak and World War II in his life, and is now considered the oldest person to defeat the Corona virus.

Symptoms of Cod 19 began to appear on March 5 in an elderly man from the US state of Oregon, and his daughter, Carol Brown, said ‘he was very, very sick’.

“But seeing their courage, they thought they would make an amazing recovery, as they would sit on the wheelchairs and shake their hands through the window at us, and we thought they would show charisma,” said Carroll.

The disease was confirmed March 11 after symptoms appeared and was isolated at Edward C. Elworth Veterans Home, where he was previously based.

Along with this, the Old Homeman resident confirmed the disease in another 90-year-old man, while so far 15 cases have been reported in this Veterans Home, of which 8 have recovered, 2 The condition is critical and 2 have been killed, and the remaining three are in good condition.

The family of a 104-year-old man is now grateful to the staff at Veterans Home, whose care helped to heal Bill Lapisz and now celebrates his 104th birthday on April 1st.

Earlier, the most prominent figure to defeat Cod 19 was a woman from Iran.

Last month, the 103-year-old woman was exposed to Corona virus and recovered.

A hundred-year-old man in China earlier also suffered from Quad 19 and recovered after 13 days of treatment at a hospital in Wuhan.

In Italy last week, a prominent citizen also managed to defeat the disease.

CNN’s report named Mr P, and his city’s deputy mayor Gloria Lacey called his recovery extremely surprising.

“Mr P showed up, his family took him home last evening, he has taught us that even at the age of 1010, the future is not fixed,” he said.

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The 101-year-old woman also succumbed to the disease in the Netherlands.

The woman was admitted to the Agesland Hospital in Rotor Dam in mid-March when she had difficulty breathing and the test confirmed the Corona virus.

The hospital did not disclose the woman’s name but confirmed her recovery and described it as a ray of hope.

The woman was kept in isolation at the hospital and allowed to go to a nursing home after recovery, after which she would go home.

The hospital staff said, “These women are very stubborn, and it is good to see that they follow medical advice such as sneezing with their mouth and instructing us to stay at a good distance.”

A 95-year-old woman was the oldest woman to defeat the disease in Italy.

A woman named Alma Clara Corsini was admitted March 5 to a hospital in Modena, northern Italy.

Despite being so old, the woman fought against cod 19 without antiviral drugs.

He told the local media, ‘I’m fine, I’m fine, the doctors and medical staff have helped me tremendously, they are all the ones who took care of me’.

A 91-year-old man in the Iranian city of Kerman also managed to defeat the virus.

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It should be noted that in young people the risk of death from the virus is low but certainly it is high whereas in persons over 65 the risk is higher, as well as in diseases like respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. This possibility increases in me too.

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