Dogs, cats and ducks can also become victims of Corona, research

Recent research by experts from China, considered the center of the Corona virus, claims that corona virus can also affect domestic animals.

It was previously reported that the corona virus could affect not only humans but animals as well, and now research by Chinese experts in this regard has shown that animals can also become infected.

A small number of animal research by experts at the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, an animal disease research institute in China’s city of Harbin, revealed that the corona virus cats, dogs, pigs, ducks and chickens. And hens can have it too.

Experts administered high dose injections of Corona virus infection to cats, ducks and other animals, to determine how many symptoms of the outbreak they had and how much the animals were affected, the research report said.

The report said that after injecting injections, symptoms of the corona virus were found in cats, poultry, pigs, ducks and dogs, but the symptoms were not severe.

Experts say that cats can also be infected with the corona virus and that they may be well-ill, but cats’ owners do not need to worry because they will not be as seriously ill as humans.

Similarly, the report said that the dogs can transmit the corona virus, but they may be less sick than cats, and it is possible that they do not show severe symptoms.

Chinese experts say that because Corona’s SARS virus also infected animals, the new Novel Code 19 virus can also affect animals.

The Chinese researcher said the animal had been diagnosed with the Corona virus at a time when the European country from Belgium had heard that a cat fell ill after the owner had suffered from Corona.

In March, Live Science reported in March that in Belgium, after showed symptoms similar to Corona, her cat also had Corona-like symptoms and also suffered other breathing difficulties.

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The cat’s doctor approached her after suffering from cat-related vomiting and other complications, after which experts said the cat also suffered from corona.

The Belgian cat was claimed in Corona after the cat was claimed to be the first animal in the world to be infected by a human.

In Belgium, after Chinese cats were diagnosed by Chinese experts, it was revealed that cats, dogs, ducks, and other domestic animals could also suffer from coronas.

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Chinese experts have advised animal owners not to worry about their pets getting sick because they do not have severe symptoms of corona and can recover after being treated for some time

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