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Haroon released his song “Dhondon Ga” a decade later

Famous Pakistani singer Haroon Rashid returned to the music industry almost a decade later with the release of his solo song.

The singer released his song ‘Dhondoon Ga’ on social media, the video of which has been viewed millions of times on Facebook.

The lyrics of the song were written by Sabir Zafar, while the video was directed by Uzair Zaheer Khan.

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Haroon Rashid said, “As soon as I released this song, I got a great response. I didn’t think so. I want to thank everyone.”

Haroon Rashid said in reference to his song, “I had composed the song ‘Dhondon Ga’ many years ago, but it took some time to make a video of it, this video was made in front of the green screen, for the first time in Pakistan such music.” Someone must have made the video. ‘

After being away from the music industry for so many years, Haroon said, “I was so busy with my Burqa Avenger project, I thought of launching it every year, but I couldn’t launch it and in the end I forgot about it. ‘

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“When I was sitting at home because of the lockdown, my brother reminded me of this song and said, ‘Why don’t I release it now for the fans?’ Then I thought that people are really at home, someone is bored, someone is upset, so this is a good time to launch this song, it will definitely make the fans happy.

The video for the song has been viewed more than 355,000 times on YouTube so far.

It may be recalled that the losers also appeared in the song ‘Tiyar Ho’ composed for the Pakistan Super League this year.

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