Clay stoves are considered more dangerous to health

Chhattisgarh: At present, millions of crores of houses around the world are using mud and mud stoves in which wood and coal are burnt.

This process produces carbon particles and black smoke, which can be especially devastating for women and children.

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Rajan Chakraborty, a scientist at the University of Washington in St. Louis, has done a detailed study of Indian villages.

In his research in this area of ​​Chhattisgarh, he noted that carbon and other black particles from raw stoves installed inside houses accumulate in the respiratory tract, including clothes and walls. This has serious health consequences.

The stove also burns crop dung, cow dung, wood and sawdust, which also causes greenhouse gases. Thus, it is proving to be dangerous for both the environment and human beings.

The study found black carbon particles to be extremely harmful. In this regard, the team of experts conducted more than 30 tests of different types in the Chhattisgarh area in which the effects of different fuels were also observed.

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He observed that oven-like stoves made of clay and mud emit white and black smoke, which also contains black carbon and brown carbon.

According to experts, this smoke contains black carbon as well as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which can cause cancer in humans and animals. Such stoves can be commonly used in Africa, Asia and other poor countries of the world.

Experts also say that stoves are installed indoors in most homes. An example of this is the burning of stoves inside certain houses in Thar, ie Chonra, and its smoke keeps circulating inside the house.

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This smoke penetrates into the house and around the house with extremely dangerous particles

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