Don’t spread rumors about the mother, she is in good health, daughter Rubina Ashraf

Leading actress Rubina Ashraf contracted the corona virus earlier this month and confirmed to Dawn on the first day that although she was not feeling well, her condition was improving.

A few days after Corona’s confirmation, news about him went viral on social media that his health had deteriorated and he was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

However, the actress herself and her close associates and several actors later denied the reports, saying that although Rubina Ashraf was not in good health, the news of her being transferred to the intensive care unit was baseless.


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Following this news, on June 8, Rubina Ashraf’s health trend also remained among the top trends on Twitter and many actors asked the fans to pray for her health.

Meena Tariq, Rubina Ashraf’s daughter, explained on her Instagram account that her mother’s health was improving.

Mina Tariq said in an Instagram story that rumors about her mother’s health should not be spread, she is now in good health and her condition is constantly improving.

Meena Tariq appealed to the people to refrain from speculating about her mother’s health and to pray for her speedy recovery.

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It may be recalled that before Rubina Ashraf, similar rumors were spread about actress Nada Yasir and it was claimed that she was shifted to the intensive care unit but later she herself denied such rumors.

Like Nada Yasir, actress Sakina Simmons was also rumored to be on social media, with some social media platforms even reporting her death due to corona.

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After which Sakina Simmons also rejected such news in her tweet and later deactivated her Twitter account and the actress did not even explain about her health and Corona.

اداکارہ کی بیٹی نے لوگوں سے والدہ کی جلد صحت یابی کی درخواست کی—فوٹو: انسٹاگرام

The actress’ daughter appealed to the people for her mother’s speedy recovery. Photo: Instagram

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