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Common things that cause bloating

No one likes to get rid of toxins because this extra fat is very dangerous to health. This increases the risk of various diseases such as metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

The fat that accumulates around the abdomen and back is called versicolor fat in medical parlance, which accumulates in the liver and other organs of the abdomen.

Even seemingly lean people can accumulate this fat, which increases the risk of medical problems.

There are a few simple things you can do to increase your body fat, even though they are easier to avoid and these are the elements you can avoid.

Sweet dishes and drinks

Most people use too much sugar.

More sugary foods and beverages, and even more sugar in coffee and coffee can lead to an increase in fat.

One study found that overweight and obese people who burn 23% of their daily calories in the form of sweets are more likely to develop insulin sensitivity and excess fat.

Although too much sugar in any form can lead to weight gain, but soft drinks cause more problems, soft drinks and other sweet drinks can make too much sugar a part of the body in a very short time.

Research reports have found that calories in liquid form do not have the same effect on food advertising as solid foods, and that when people make calories in the form of drinks, it does not make them feel full. It is like eating a solid food.

Trans fats

Trans fat is the most harmful type of fat, which is made by adding hydrogen to the soluble fat to make it solid longer.

Truss fat is commonly found in fast food, cakes, other bakery items, frozen pizza, biscuits and coffee creamers, etc., and excessive consumption of it increases inflammation in the body, while insulin sensitivity, heart disease and many other diseases. There is danger.

According to some research reports, this type of fat can cause excess fat to build up.

Being physically sluggish

Slow lifestyles are devastating to health, and people around the world have become less physically active in recent decades, leading to a sharp rise in the rate of obesity, including obesity.

A survey in the United States from 1988 to 2010 found that men and women became physically sluggish while gaining body weight and fat around the abdomen and waist.

One study found that being less physically active can lead to an increase in belly fat and waist fat, even when losing weight.

Avoid protein foods

Dietary protein is one of the most important factors in preventing weight gain.

Protein-rich foods help maintain a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time, helping to make metabolic rate faster and lower calories a part of the body.

In contrast, if the amount of protein in the diet is low, it is possible to increase the amount of fat on a long-term basis.

Numerous research reports have shown that people who consume large amounts of protein are less likely to develop excess fat around the abdomen and waist.

Chicken, eggs, corn, fish, potatoes, cabbage, beef, barley, pulses, guava. Peas, lentils, almonds, milk, and pistachios are high in protein, which can be easily incorporated into the diet.

Fruit juice

Fruit juice is actually a modified sweet drink, in fact even unsweetened pure fruit juice without sugar has a lot of sweetness.

250 ml of apple juice and one soft drink contain 24 grams of sweetness.

Although fruit juices provide the body with some vitamins and minerals, the sweetness or sugar in them increases the risk of insulin resistance and bloating.

As mentioned above, it is very easy to absorb a large amount of calories in liquid form while it does not satisfy the appetite.


A hormone called cortisol is essential for survival and is also considered a stress hormone because it helps the body respond to stress.

But in many people, stress increases too much and as a result, the extra calories start to build up around the abdomen and waist instead of being stored in the form of fat throughout the body.

Low fiber consumption

Fiber is a very important nutrient for good health and weight control.

Some types of fiber help to keep the stomach full, stabilize the appetite hormones and help absorb less calories in the form of food.

One study found that soluble fiber helps reduce belly fat, with 10 grams of this type of fiber can reduce the accumulation of fat around the abdomen and waist by 3.7%.

Refined carbohydrates and low-fiber foods increase appetite and weight while increasing bloating.

One study found that the fiber in the product helps reduce belly fat, while refined carbohydrates increase belly fat.

Lack of sleep

Numerous research reports have found that insufficient sleep can lead to weight gain and increased volume.

A 16-year study of more than 68,000 women found that women who were accustomed to sleeping for 5 hours or less

They are 32% more likely to gain up to 15kg than women who sleep for 7 hours.

Sleep problems can also lead to weight gain, the most common of which is difficulty breathing or sleep during sleep.

One study found that men with sleep apnea may have higher body fat than others.

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