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Corona Virus were Diagnose From corpse

Experts in the South Asian country of Bangladesh have claimed that they take dead body corona test and diagnosed Corona.

This is a unique case of its kind with regard to the corona virus. Corona test of the dead body has not been tested in any country of the world till now.

Experts from other countries of the world, including the World Health Organization (WHO) experts say that the virus also potentially dies after a human being dies, and there is no evidence that corona virus transmission or diagnosis is even possible with the dead body.

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However, a few days ago, scientists from Thailand and China claimed that the corpse could still carry the Corona virus.

And now Bangladeshi experts claim that they have diagnosed Corona by sampling a corpse.

According to Bangladeshi newspaper Dhaka Tribune, doctors claimed that they had recently diagnosed the corona virus with samples taken from the body of a woman who died of fever and nose inflammation.

According to the report, 65-year-old woman of Dhaka Munshi Ganj Sadar Upazila, near Dhaka, was killed two days ago due to fever and nasal congestion, but doctors had taken sample from her body.

The sample were sent to the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR), where they were reviewed, the report said.

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According to the report, a review of the samples taken from the body revealed that the woman was also a victim of the corona virus, after which her family were quarantined.

This is a unique case of its own, in which samples from any dead body were , leading to the diagnosis of Corona.

By the evening of April 16 in Bangladesh, the number of Corona victims had risen to around 1600 while the death toll had risen to 60.

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