Award-winning filmmaker’s started work in hospital to help medical staff

Many people are upset over the lack of rapid spread of the Corona virus worldwide, and are beginning to realize that they have never thought of such a situation before.

One such person is Hassan Iqad, a 32-year-old Syrian-born filmmaker who is currently working as a cleaner in the UK Department of Health.

The Independent reports that Hassan Iqad, who arrived in the UK five years ago, also appealed to people to cooperate with him in this time of trouble.

Recently, he tweeted a tweet on social networking site Twitter in which he stated that he was working as a hospital cleaner.

“Since leaving Syria, London has been my home, the least I can do is take care of my neighborhood and the health staff,” he wrote.

The filmmaker’s tweet later received a very good response from consumers, after which he was invited to the Good Morning Britain Show.

Taking full advantage of this opportunity, Hasan Iqad also gave a vital message to the people.

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“Nurses, ward hosts, cleaners and porters are very important to any hospital and they can be from anywhere, whether from Spain, the Philippines, some from Poland, the Caribbean,” he cried. From’.

According to Hasan Iqad, “I hope that if we learn something from this situation, we will definitely learn to treat each other with love, no matter where we are from, I hope that everything changes for the better. Will be’.

“I was hearing the news that nurses and other staff in hospitals were also being affected by Corona,” he said, explaining the reason for the hospital’s cleaner job at this critical time. I will provide help as it is most important to take care of the cleaning right now. ‘

After being part of the NHS voluntary scheme, Hassan Iqad started his hospitalization.

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“Britain is my home for me now, I have lost one of my homes in Syria but do not want to lose another home,” he added.

Hasan Iqad had never worked in a hospital before, working as a teacher in Syria before making documentary films and emigrating to the UK.

In this regard, he said that he was part of several peaceful protests in Syria, but during this time he was tortured and detained twice, after which he had to leave Syria.

Hasan Iqad’s Documentary Exodus: Ar Journey has also been awarded several major awards, such as Emmy and Bafta, to Europe.

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