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Iran introduced a device that detect corona virus 100 meter away

The Iranian Pasdaran revolution introduced the Corona virus diagnostic tool, claiming that the device was capable of detecting the victim at a distance of 100 meters.

The Iranian proponent revolution has introduced the first unique device of its kind, which looks like an antenna checking vehicles near airport or traffic authorities.

The Iranian news agency Tasnim News Agency reported in its report that the Iranian Pasdran revolution introduced the device on April 15 in a small ceremony.

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The ceremony was also attended by General Hussein Salami, commander of the Iranian Pasdran Revolution.

Introducing the device, General Hussain Salami said that the device is unique and state-of-the-art, which is not available to any other country in the world.

They claimed that the device was capable of detecting a corona-infected person at a distance of 100 meters, as well as being able to identify any area where there was moisture in the corona.

He claimed that the device produced by the team of scientists of the Pasdran Revolution gives results in just 5 seconds and the results are 80% identical to the Corona test, which means the device is 80% accurate.

Introducing the device, the commander said that after the use of the device, the diagnosed person does not have to perform other tests, including blood tests.

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The news agency did not say in the report whether the device was given to the health authorities and whether the device has been extensively tested in the general public and in the area.

Iran is considered one of the major countries in terms of corona virus-affected countries, where over 70,000 people are affected by the outbreak while more than 4,000 people have been killed.

Iran is the largest country affected by Corona in Islamic countries and has had partial lockdowns for the past two and a half months.

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