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Chinese company offers clinical trial of Covid 19 vaccine in Pakistan

A major Chinese pharmaceutical company has invited the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Islamabad to conduct a clinical trial in Pakistan of a vaccine developed for Covid 19.

The offer was made in a letter written by the General Manager of China Signo Farm International Corporation to the Executive Director of NIH, Major General Dr. Amir Ikram, in which he expressed the hope that “Pakistan will introduce 19 vaccines through a successful trial. Will join some of the first countries.

Talking to Dawn, Dr Amir Ikram confirmed the receipt of the letter and said that no work has been done on it so far but this cooperation would be a big thing for Pakistan.

“We want to increase the trend of clinical trials in the country. There are several laws before it can be started. It has to be approved by the Medical Ethics Committee and others. But when we get clearance, we will start it,” he added. Will do

According to Dr. Amir Ikram, the advantage of conducting a clinical trial of the vaccine in Pakistan is that if it is successful, the country will be able to buy it on a priority basis.

It should be noted that the National Institutes of Health is an independent institution under the Ministry of Health.

The letter from the Chinese company said that Sinofarm was one of the first companies to develop a vaccine against the novel Corona virus.

The state-owned company meets more than 80 percent of China’s essential defense needs and has also played a key role in the country’s fight against Covid 19.

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“In the process, we have developed a number of practical tests that we would like to give you, and two agencies are assisting in the development of vaccines in Pakistan,” the letter said.

The Chinese company said regulatory authorities around the world have developed emergency protocols to facilitate the early introduction of the COD 19 vaccine, and Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials are being assembled in China to expedite the process.

The Chinese company also suggested to Pakistan to adopt the same procedure through the Drug Regulatory Authority (DRAP).

The letter said that the NIH has the required technical skills and elements to conduct a clinical trial by nominating a medical institution and recruiting participants.

The letter suggested that Health B Projects Pvt. Ltd., a representative company of Sino Farm, and NIH should immediately conclude a memorandum of understanding for the joint planning and implementation of Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials.

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The general manager of the Chinese company said that with the signing of the agreement, Sinofarm would be able to provide more confidential information regarding the approval and planning of the vaccine.

Asking the NIH to approve the trial from the Ministry of Health and DRAP, the letter said that they should provide the required documents, funding for distribution of trials, logistical planning and submission of dossier of clinical trials to DRAP through Health B I will provide ‘full support’.

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“We will work closely with the NIH’s trial team to make the clinical trial a success, given the current epidemic situation, which is of great importance to our countries,” the company added.

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