Iran successfully launches its first military satellite, Pasdaran e inqlab

Iran’s pro-revolution has said it has successfully launched the country’s first military satellite.

Iran is accused by the United States of its satellite program as a cover for building missiles, while Iran believes its space activities are in line with international obligations.

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According to a French news agency report, tensions between the two rivals increased last week when the US State Department alleged that the Iranian ship was harassing its ship in the Gulf.

The Pasdran e inqlab called the unexpected satellite launch a “great success”.

According to the Sipah-e-Revolution News website, Sapah said that the first satellite of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been successfully launched into space.

He further said that the satellite named Noor was launched in the vast area of ​​Iran via a 2 stage launcher message from the main desert and the satellite is 425 km in orbit.

“This operation is a great achievement and a new development in the Iranian space sector,” the statement on the news website said.

It should be noted that Iran launched a satellite about 2 months ago, but failed to reach orbit and was said to be for military purposes.

On February 9 this year, Iran tried to launch a satellite named Zafar a few days before the 41st anniversary of the revolutionary revolution.

Competing countries, the United States and Iran, reached the verge of complete confrontation two times last year.

Tensions between the two countries increased when US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from the nuclear deal in 2018.

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Tensions reached its peak when the US killed Major General Qasim Sulaimani, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Revolution, in a drone attack.

Washington has also raised concerns over Tehran’s satellite program in the past that the launch of a carrier rocket in January 2019 is in violation of the limits of ballistic missiles.

However, Iran is of the view that it has no intention of acquiring nuclear weapons and its space activities are in accordance with the Resolutions of the Peace and Security Council.

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