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How is Facebook discouraging Corona misinformation in Pakistan?

Facebook recently introduced a new tool for the campaign against fake news and misinformation, whereby a user would like any false information or fake news regarding the virus or its outbreak cod 19. Or comment if he or she will be warned.

But at the same time, Facebook has taken several steps to convey accurate information to the people about Corona virus in Pakistan, and such initiatives include cooperation with the National Institutes of Health, including the World Health Organization of Facebook.

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The first results of a search on Facebook by anyone searching for information on Facebook and Instagram include details from the World Health Organization, including Pakistan’s National Institutes of Health and prominent organizations working in the health sector. Has also introduced pre-show features.

That is, whenever anything related to Corona is searched by a Facebook user in Pakistan, the Facebook Artificial System will be sent to the user first by the World Health Organization, then the National Institutes of Health for Pakistan and then work at Pakistan or globally. The provider will provide information about any health organization or organization.

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Facebook has teamed up with global organizations such as the Pakistan Ministry of Health, WHO and UNICEF to provide accurate information about the Corona virus for these features.

Likewise, Facebook has temporarily banned the listing of advertising and commerce in the world including Pakistan in which medical goods are sold.

That is, Facebook has also banned advertisements for unauthorized companies selling medical goods, including sanitizers and face masks, and is also helping governments publicize messages from health-related organizations.

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According to the Facebook administration, she is determined to stop spreading any misinformation about the Corona virus in Pakistan and is working with local and global health agencies to make society healthier.

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