Emirates actor Ibrahim al-Marisi is also a victim of Corona

Photo: Youtube, Screenshot

United Arab Emirates (UAE) actor Ibrahim al-Marisi also contracted the corona virus and informed fans through a video about the disease and his symptoms.

According to Gulf News, Ibrahim al-Marisi said in a video shared on social media that initially he had no symptoms of the corona virus, so he did not know he was infected.

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The actor said that he is still suffering from Corona and has been undergoing treatment in the hospital for a week while he was also quarantined at home for a week before the hospital and even then he was suffering from the epidemic.

The actor said that when he was quarantined at home, he initially showed no symptoms, but later his nose started to flow and he also had a dry cough.

According to the actor, he initially understood that he had the effect of seasonal cold, but later his ability to smell and feel the taste was also affected after which he underwent a test which came out positive.

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The actor told the fans that he has been undergoing treatment for a week and appealed to his fans to stay at home during these days of the epidemic and keep themselves and the country safe.

The video also shows the actor performing Corona’s test and he looks healthy.

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It may be recalled that many showbiz, fashion, sports and political figures have already been infected with the Corona virus even before Ibrahim al-Murasi, many of whom recovered after 3 weeks, while many are still in Corona and are undergoing treatment.

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