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A 104-year-old woman who survived skin cancer managed to beat Code 19

A 104-year-old woman from New York City, USA, has beaten the new novel corona virus, code 19, and the nursing home has called it a ‘charisma’.

Ada Aconesmia lives in a nursing home in Brooklyn and was diagnosed with code 19 on April 4.

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According to CBS News, the woman was very weak and could not eat, so she was given oxygen, and about a month later, she started talking again, eating and defeating the virus.

According to the woman’s daughter, Barbara Sensei, the disease is not foreign to her mother. Is defeated.

“She always says, I was born under a lucky star, that’s the philosophy of her life, and now that she’s gone through the virus, those words often run through my mind,” Barbara said.

He said he and his sister, Juan Giordano, visit their mother almost daily, but the corona virus changed the routine, as they were not allowed inside the nursing home, so they went to their mother’s first destination. They met in the window wearing masks and gloves.

The last time she saw her mother was on March 26 and she was worried. She brought her to the window in a wheelchair. The window was opened just so she could hear our voices.

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She couldn’t move herself and just stayed with us. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this scene, we kept asking him for 10 to 15 minutes to say something, but he didn’t say anything, then we left and I told my sister that he They are sick, they have a virus.

The family feared she would not recover from Code 19 because she had already recovered from a hip fracture and suffered another infection.

But according to the nursing home, the elderly woman has overcome the disease.

Marco Perron, a staff member at the nursing home, said: “At the age of 104, I think it’s a miracle to be able to get rid of cod. The woman miraculously escaped.

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