Discover the potential key to early recovery of COD 19 patients?

Medical experts are concerned that the new corona virus may not be as effective in some people, but there are several cases in which the disease caused by code 19 is very severe.

Experts are now looking for the answer to this question, saying that suppressing the immune system of patients with code 19 at an early stage can prevent the onset of serious symptoms.

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This was the answer in a study conducted by the Cake School of Medicine of the University of Southern California, USA.

The study, published in the journal Journal of Medical Virology, found that some patients’ immune systems were the most dangerous.

The body’s first defense wall is the immune response that occurs immediately after an infection, in which it attacks an external invader and kills the virus and infected cells.

The body’s second defense wall is the immune response that activates when a virus persists and activates specialized cells such as T cells and B cells.

The researchers used a mathematical model to analyze how these 2 immune responses work in patients with code 19 and compared them to flu patients.

Flu is a highly contagious infection that targets specific upper respiratory cells and kills most of them in 2 to 3 days.

When these cells die, it moves the virus toward more targets, and the first immune response starts its work and almost eliminates the viruses before the second reaction.

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But in Code 19, the virus targets cells throughout the respiratory system and symptoms appear on average in 6 days, while the disease progresses slowly.

The scientists discovered in their model that the second immune response is triggered prematurely, which affects the ability of the first immune response to kill the virus.

The researchers said the risk was that the virus would trigger a second immune response to different mothers, causing the immune system to become more active, leading to a cytokine storm, during which the immune system would be healthier. It kills the cells and damages the tissues.

He said that 2 immune responses could explain why in some patients with code 19 the disease gets worse twice, ie at first the condition feels better but then gradually worsens.

The researchers said that in some patients the disease may recur after a decrease in the severity of symptoms, possibly because both immune responses initially temporarily reduce the activity of the virus, but the virus completely When not cleared, the virus regains its strength.

The most important finding of the study was that the patient could be helped to recover faster by inhibiting the immune response.

“Based on the results of the mathematical model, we suggest that early-stage use of a drug that suppresses the immune response may improve the patient’s recovery process,” the researchers said.

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He said that with the right method of suppressing the immune response, the second immune response can be postponed, which will allow the first response to do its job and the rapid elimination of viruses and infected cells.

He said that in the next phase, he would examine the daily viral load and other biomarkers in COD 19 patients to see how accurate the results of the mathematical model were.

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