2 New Potential Symptoms of the New Corona Virus Revealed

Medical experts have said that the loss of sensation of the smell can be a sign of the new Novel Corona virus disease Cod-19.2 New Potential Symptoms of the New Corona Virus Revealed.

This claim was revealed in a UK study.

Royal College of Surgeons of England research says that the smell of sensation is already linked to viruses because 40% of such cases are reported after a viral infection.

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According to the research, the increase in data from Cod 19 patients in several countries provides a strong indication that most patients also suffer from sensation of smell during the symptoms of the disease.

In fact, it can often be the first symptom to appear, which is said to be the first and most common symptom.

Evidence further revealed that in addition to smelling, deprivation of taste sensation was seen in people who did not show any other symptoms of Cod19 but the virus was diagnosed.

Researchers have suggested that the sensation of smelling and tasting should also be made part of the Cod 19 screening symptom list, as other problems with the respiratory system may appear without symptoms.

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The study also reported that such cases were reported in Iran, the United States, France and northern Italy.

Researchers said that they examined a few days ago 4 patients under the age of 40, with no other symptoms, but suddenly lost their sense of smell.

“We think these patients are silently spreading the virus,” he said.

Earlier, a doctor at Bonn University Hospital in Germany interviewed more than 100 patients in Cody 19, and discovered that close to 70% had experienced deprivation several days before the sensation of smelling and tasting.

Speaking to the German website, the researchers said the problem was so high that one mother did not smell her baby’s diapers, others failed to smell the shampoo while the taste of the food was gone.

He is reluctant to say when these problems arise in these patients, but he suspects that the symptoms are seen in most infection victims.

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British research says that if people suddenly lose their senses of smell or taste, but do not see any other symptoms, they should isolate themselves for 7 days so that other people can avoid the virus.

It is to be noted that the number of cases of coronavirus disease cod 19 in Pakistan is increasing rapidly and the number has reached 873.

By the afternoon of March 23, the number of corona patients had risen to 3,000 43,000 worldwide and the death toll had risen to 15,308.

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