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Do you wash your hands properly? Learn from viral video

One of the most pressing measures that physicians use to protect against the new Novel Corona virus disease, Cod-19, is to wash hands.Do you wash your hands properly?

South Asian countries, including East Asian countries, have been exposed to Corona virus, and new cases are emerging in India and Iran, including Pakistan.

Currently new cases are coming up in countries like USA, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Iran, Pakistan, India, UK and Switzerland, and by the afternoon of March 23, the number of coronary patients has increased by 3 worldwide. The number had reached 43,000 and the number of casualties had increased to 15,308.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Scott of Simon’s University in the United States, you do not have to control what is touched or touched, you cannot even control who is touching something, but you must take care of your hands. can.

Washing hands with soap and water is a powerful weapon against germs even more than we think.

According to Dr. Elizabeth, this procedure works in 2 ways; first it removes the ingredients on hand, as well as removes soap-specific germs.

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The new Novel Cornea virus has infected more than a million worldwide and soap prevents it from isolating a layer of fat contained in the virus.

Soap lubricates the skin, so by rubbing properly we can catch germs and flush them with water.

By the way, this may sound simple, but the fact is that most people do not do it correctly.

On YouTube, Facebook, and on TV, the way people wash their hands is shown in the form of windows, but people still ignore it or don’t understand it.

But watching a viral video can explain the mistakes you make in the process of how people wash their hands and leave germs alive.

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The video uses black paint and white gloves in place of soap to explain the correct way for people to wash their hands.

In fact, it is black paint that helps one to understand which parts of the hands are often ignored when washing.

The video starts with rubbing the palms, then cleansing between the fingers and other parts.

At the end of the footage, every part of his hand (gloves) is covered with black paint, which explains why the World Health Organization emphasized proper cleaning of the hands to prevent the spread of germs.

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The video has been viewed more than a million times so far, with close to 1.5 million retweets and 1,60,000 likes.

It should be noted that the World Health Organization recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds and the longer you rub your hands thoroughly, the less likely you are to become infected.

And of course, paper towels (outside the home) are better for drying hands because of the more germs that come out of the hands, towels can be helped at home and if possible. Make sure you have your separate towel.

Dry hands are also less likely to have bacterial contamination than wet hands, as moisture can increase bacterial growth.

Wash hands before, during, and after cooking.

Wash before eating.

Wash before and after meeting an illness.

Wash before and after cure or wound treatment.

Wash after leaving the toilet.

Wash your baby’s diaper after changing or cleaning the toilet.

Nose cleansing, after coughing or sneezing.

After touching an animal or pet food or waste.

After touching the trash.

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