Yemen: Saudi military coalition airstrikes on Sanaa under Houthi rebels

Sana’a: Two days before the Saudi military coalition launched an airstrike in the Yemeni rebel-held capital, the Houthi rebels attacked the Saudi capital, Riyadh, with failed drones and missile strikes.

According to locals, the presidential palace, a military school and an air bus near Sanaa airport were targeted and a loud explosion was heard all over the city.

According to a report published in the Dawn newspaper, the Houthi rebel broadcaster, Almshera News, said that an airstrike on a military school killed 70 horses and injured 30.

It is to be noted that in September last year, talks were held with the Houthi movement in Saudi Arabia, after which the bombing in the city of Sanaa has dropped significantly.

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Earlier on Thursday, both sides had welcomed the UN’s call for an immediate ceasefire in view of the outbreak of the Corona virus.

However, after months of airstrikes in several villages and towns from Saudi Arabia last month, fierce fighting began in Jalov and Marb provinces.

Remember that Saudi-backed Iranian-backed Houthi rebels have been fighting since March 2015.

Officials of the military alliance said in a detailed statement that they had launched an operation to destroy the militant-occupied military targets, but did not elaborate.

Authorities said more than 12 airstrikes were carried out in Sanaa under the rebel regime, including six attacks on a military academy north of the capital and 4 attacks on a military base inside Sana’a International Airport.

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In addition, air strikes were reported in the northeastern province of Arman.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia’s air defense forces had stopped overnight fired missiles at the capital Riyadh on Saturday and destroyed them.

Military officials and tribal leaders, on the other hand, said more than 45 fighters have been killed on both sides in the past two days as a result of clashes between Yemeni government forces and rebels in Jalov and Marb.

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Officials say the Houthis tried to gain control of the war in Marbat Province, but government forces withdrew the Houthi rebel attack in collaboration with Saudi Arabia’s air strikes.

Meanwhile, UN Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Gripes expressed concern over intensifying fighting in the Marb and attacks on rebel Saadi Arabia.

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