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Corona virus: Doctors in occupied Kashmir lose online training on communication blockade

Hundreds of doctors could not be part of an online session on the Corona virus at the request of the Indian Minister of Health, following the closure of communications in India-occupied Kashmir.

It may be recalled that the Indian Minister of Health had invited doctors from occupied Kashmir to provide an online training session to provide important medical information on ventilators and corona virus.

It is to be noted that New Delhi abolished the special status of occupied Kashmir in August last year and since then the communication system in the valley has not been fully restored, it has been declared the longest communication closure in the world where people have access to the Internet. No access.

According to the Dawn newspaper, Dr. Sohail Naik, president of the Association of Physicians in Occupied Kashmir, said, “We want to educate people through videos that are not possible at 2G speeds; That’s it.

In a letter to officials, human rights group Internet Freedom Foundation said that Internet speeds in occupied Kashmir are ‘insufficient’ to spread the message to address the threat of the Corona virus.

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Online classes were prepared for 650,000 children, but classes could not be conducted due to slow internet, said GN War, president of the All Private Schools Association in occupied Kashmir.

“We are unable to contact the students because of the Internet, which cannot download 2G teaching material,” he said.

“I fail to understand why they (India) are not restoring the high speed internet,” he said. Previously, they had an excuse for peace and security concerns, but now the curfew and the Corona virus are feared and no one can dare to come forward.

Vasudha Gupta, a spokeswoman for India’s Federal Ministry of Interior, which is responsible for the policy in occupied Kashmir, declined to comment.

It should be noted that the first casualty was reported in occupied Kashmir on March 26.

Pakistan, on the other hand, has repeatedly expressed concern over the increase in the number of Corona virus victims as a result of communication blockade in occupied Kashmir.

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Pakistan has expressed concern over Indian atrocities in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir despite the emergency situation caused by the Corona virus worldwide.

In a statement issued by Foreign Office spokeswoman Ayesha Farooqi yesterday, Pakistan was deeply concerned over the sanctions imposed in the region despite the confirmation of several cases of coronavirus in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

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In his statement, he said, “Thousands of Kashmir youth, members of civil society, journalists and political leadership are still imprisoned in Indian jails, many of whom have been shifted to unknown places far away from families”.

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