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Corona kills 36,000, affects 7.7 million people worldwide

Corona virus continues to cause rapid worldwide deaths, with hundreds of deaths in Spain and Iran exceeding 36,000 worldwide.Corona virus worldwide and the number of infected patients continues to increase, which has affected at least 7,555 people so far and more than 36,000 have died.

However, the good news for the world is that after several days of unprecedented number of casualties, the number of cases in Italy has dropped.

The number of people infected with the virus in Italy has exceeded one million, but in the last 24 hours only 1600 people have been diagnosed with the virus, which is one of the lowest reported cases in Italy since the outbreak.

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However, the number of casualties is not declining and the death toll has risen to 11,591 as a result of 812 more deaths.

The World Health Organization says the situation will improve soon in Italy, but he warns that even if the situation improves, we will have to take regular precautions.

117 more deaths in Iran
Once again, the number of deaths in Iran has increased, and after 117 deaths a day, the total number of virus deaths in the country has increased to 2,775.

According to the Ministry of Health spokesman Kyanosh Jahanpur, 117 people were killed in the last 24 hours while 3,186 more people were infected with the virus.

The total number of virus-infected people in Iran has risen to 41,495.

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More than 800 deaths a day in Spain
In Spain, the number of people infected with the virus has increased rapidly, and after Italy and the United States, the number of people infected with the virus has increased to 85 thousand 195.

In Spain, more than 6,000 people died of the virus in 24 hours, while in a single day more than 800 deaths resulted in 7,340 deaths.

The number of victims in the United States is one million
The United States is currently the most affected country with the virus worldwide, where up to one million people have been infected so far.

The death toll in the US state of New York has exceeded 1,000, while in other US states, the death toll is rising.

The virus has been confirmed in more than 22,000 people in the UK so far, while more than 1,400 have been killed in the country.

India intends not to expand lockdown
India, on the other hand, says that given the growing shortage of basic necessity goods in the country and the difficulties of the people, they have no plans to extend the 21-day lockdown.

According to Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Goba, we do not intend to extend the lockdown for more than three weeks, where earlier reports came out that lockdowns could be further expanded in India.

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It should be remembered that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown in the country which will remain in force until April 15.

Israeli Prime Minister leaves for Quarantina
Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s colleagues have left for Quarantina after a positive test from Corona.

According to a statement issued by the Netanyahu office, the Prime Minister has decided to move to Quarantine as a precautionary measure for colleagues suffering from the Corona virus.

Colombia announces ceasefire of Gorilla Fighter Group
The National Liberation Army, Colombia’s largest guerrilla fighters group, has declared a ceasefire from April 1 for a month due to the Corona virus.

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So far 702 people have been infected with the virus in Colombia and 10 have died due to the virus.

The rebel group announced in its statement that we announce a unilateral ceasefire on humanitarian grounds from April 1 to a month, recognizing the difficulties of the Colombian people.

Cases began to increase in Poland and the Netherlands
After several days of unreported cases in Poland, cases have been reported rapidly in which authorities have begun taking emergency measures.

The Corona virus test has been positive in 1,984 people so far in the country of Pune 4 crore population and 26 people have died so far.

In the Netherlands, Corona virus cases are also on the rise, and the total number of affected persons has increased to 11,750 since 884 people have been confirmed with the virus, and so far 864 people have been killed in the country.

The National Institute for Health of the Netherlands confirms that corona virus cases have increased by 8.1% in the country.

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Belgium also witnesses an increase in casualties
Like other European countries, Belgium has seen an increase in the number of deaths, and so far the country has grown to 513 from the Corona virus.

According to the country’s Health Ministry officials, so far 11,899 people have been infected with the virus in Belgium, while cases have been reported in less than 24 hours.

Consider introducing interim lockdown in Russia
Meanwhile, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mashinton has directed the governor to consider introducing an interim lockdown to stop the spread of the Corona virus in the country.

In Russia, the highest number of 302 cases reported in a single day has reached 1,836, while 9 have died.

People have already been instructed to stay in homes in the capital, Moscow, while Lockdown’s scope is likely to expand to other cities in the country.

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After the Corona virus killed 8 more people in the Philippines, the total number of virus deaths in the country has risen to 78 while the number of affected people has increased to 1,600.

Serbia has announced a comprehensive package of 5 billion euros to deal with the virus.

President Alexandra Vyvsk said 100 million euros would be paid to 50 million people over the age of 18 out of the country’s 70 million population.

So far 13 people have been killed and more than 700 have been infected with Corona virus in Serbia.

Reported cases in China have raised concerns about another wave of corona virus in the country.

Lockdown has been extended until April 12, with permanent cases reported in Argentina.

“We are expanding Quarantine by the end of Easter to prevent the spread of the virus,” said Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina.

So far, 820 people have died of the virus in Argentina, and 20 have died.

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South Korea has reported 78 more new cases, bringing the number of virus victims to 9,661 in the country.

Meanwhile, Nigeria has locked down three states in the country as a result of the escalation of Corona virus cases in Africa.

Lockdown has been launched Monday in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun, the most populous cities in Africa.

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