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Woman Banned from Zoo After 4-Year ‘Affair’ with Chimpanzee

Brussels: A woman named Eddie Tamarmans has been banned from entering the Antwerp Zoo in Belgium because she is accused of making love to a monkey kept there.

According to reports, the name of this chimpanzee monkey is “Cheetah” which was brought to Antwerp Zoo 30 years ago. It was very small then and lived with humans as a pet.

He was kept in the zoo with other chimpanzees but had great difficulty in mixing with other animals of his own breed. And he was able to make friends with other chimpanzees many days later.
Although the “cheetah” remained popular with visitors to the zoo during this time, it did not fall in love with any human. Even four years ago today, a 34-year-old female termite began to visit the Antwerp Zoo.

It was as if they had fallen in love at first sight. The women began visiting the zoo regularly, and for hours, they would stand by the monkey’s cage, touch the “cheetah’s” head, and kiss it. In response, the “cheetah” also expressed his love and caressed the woman’s palm.

Initially, the zoo management did not know this, but when the “cheetah” ‘s interest in other monkeys almost disappeared and even in the absence of the female, it became completely isolated from the rest of the monkeys, the management’s concern increased.

When the “cheetah” routine was monitored, it was revealed to them that this silent affair. Upon learning this, the woman was warned to stay away from the chimpanzee and to spend more time with it.

Despite the warning, the woman could not stay away from the “cheetah” and she maintained her routine.

The zoo administration has warned the woman fifteen times in four years to stay away from “cheetahs” or she will be barred from entering the zoo. But still they were not affected.

Eventually, the Antwerp Zoo administration forced the Terminus to close, and she burst into tears.

“It’s cruel, it’s unfair,” Timmermans told local media outside the zoo. “Anyone can go in, but why is my entrance closed?” They protested.

Responding to further questions from media representatives, Tamarmans said: “I don’t know what all this is about, but as soon as I see this monkey, I feel helpless and pull towards it.”

On the other hand, the management of Antwerp Zoo is of the view that taking care of the animals kept there is their first responsibility and therefore no one should be allowed to interfere in the “natural routines” of the animals.

“Cheetahs need to spend at least 15 hours a day with other chimpanzees and mingle with them,” Zoo caretaker Sarah Lafat told the media. If it stays, other monkeys also start ignoring it. Even after the zoo closes, they stay away from it. And this is against the natural habit of the cheetah. “

Love in a Monkey and a Woman This unique story is going viral on social media these days. If someone is calling this woman a mental patient, then someone thinks that there is a psychological problem with the monkey. The more mouths, the more words.

According to reports so far, the Antwerp Zoo is closed to Eddie Terminz, while the zoo administration is working to bring the “cheetah” back to normal.

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