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WhatsApp video calls can now add up to 8 people

WhatsApp has increased the number of people in video calls from 4 to 8. Everyone involved in the call will need an updated version of WhatsApp for this purpose.

For a group video call, go to a group chat and click on the call icon or add additional people manually, one by one.

According to the WhatsApp, video or audio calls will be end-to-end encrypted.

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This feature is currently being introduced for iOS devices and will soon be available to Android users.

Note that recently this limit was increased to 12 people in Google Do, 8 people in the house party, 50 people in the rooms service of Skype and Facebook Messenger and 100 people in the zoom can be added to the video call.

The new Corona virus epidemic has led to a huge increase in video calling rates as billions of people are confined to their homes.

Facebook’s messaging services also saw a significant increase in the number of people making video calls, which is why this new feature has been introduced.

Earlier in the day, WhatsApp had said that its actions had significantly reduced the forwarding of messages based on misinformation.

WhatsApp limited the range of forwarded messages three weeks ago in early April to prevent the spread of misinformation about the Corona virus epidemic.

WhatsApp has banned the forwarding of any messages that have been forwarded 5 times.

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WhatsApp had announced that any message that has been forwarded 5 times can be forwarded at most once more.

WhatsApp management said that after the new ban, the number of forwarded messages on WhatsApp has decreased by 70%.

WhatsApp management also reiterated its commitment that the messaging application platform is ready to take all possible steps to discourage the spread of misinformation.

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