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WhatsApp group video calling feature to increase the number of people

Billions of people are confined to homes as a result of the new Novel Corona virus epidemic worldwide, which has led to a huge increase in the rate of group video calls.

Various apps like Google Doo, Zoom and Skype have taken advantage of this opportunity, but the number of people in a video call from Google Doo has been increased by 50%.

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Now, it seems that Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp is ready to hit them all.

The number of people in the WhatsApp group is very soon being increased to a group video call which is currently a maximum of 4.

According to WhatsApp’s tracking website WABetaInfo, the code in the new beta version has shown that the number of participants in group audio and video calls in the messaging application is increasing.

As mentioned above, no more than 4 people can be part of a group video or audio call right now, which is a small number compared to other apps.

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Corona virus outbreaks have significantly increased the use of messaging apps to communicate with loved ones.

It is unclear how long this feature will be available to general users and how many people will be able to be part of a group video call.

However, it is likely to be introduced soon, while a new call header is also being worked on by the WhatsApp app which has also been introduced in the Android Beta version.

In this header the user will be notified that their calls are end-to-end and encrypted.

Earlier this month, the WhatsApp ban was further tightened in response to highly forwarded messages to prevent misunderstandings about the Corona virus outbreak.

It was announced by the company that if a user gets a forwarded message, ie a message that has been forwarded more than 5 times, under this new ban, the user will only be able to forward one chat instead of 5 more chats. Forward.

Be aware that last year the WhatsApp banned sending up to 5 individual chats.

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While this restriction may not be possible to prevent the message from spreading out wide, it is a significant change that will change the experience of using this app, as most people will be able to forward most of the messages they receive. Are getting used to and are being used worldwide today.

The company hopes the change will help slow the spread of a viral but misinformation message, as rumors spread in the UK that 5G is causing the Corona virus and several mobile phone towers. Were burned by the people.

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