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Corona virus, Samsung’s smartphone production down 50%

2010 has not been a year too far for the smartphone market and now Samsung, the world’s largest mobile phone sales company, has decided to cut its production by 50%.

Samsung Mobile reported that during April 2020, Samsung plans to produce one million smartphones, which may seem like a lot, but very little in the way of the company.

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In fact, Samsung manufactures around two and a half million smartphones every month and this number is a huge deduction.

And needless to say why the South Korean company had to do so, in fact the demand for new smartphones around the world has seen a significant decline as a result of the new Novel Corona virus outbreak.

Due to the Corona virus, Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S20 series phones have been badly affected and this effect can last for several months as lockdowns in most countries have resulted in a decline in people’s revenue.

According to the report, there are still several phones manufactured in the market in the market that could not be sold, while the company has to close its factories in Slovakia, South Korea, Brazil and India.

Due to travel restrictions, it has not been easy to bring new phones to different countries.

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The report said that if conditions improve next month, production may be rescheduled, but this will depend on the spread of the virus.

Not only Samsung but all the smartphone companies sales have dropped significantly.

Sales of Apple’s iPhones in China declined to just 5 million units in February, while overall demand for smartphones in China was down 20% compared to the same month last year.

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