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The most expensive ‘square watermelon’ in the world that cannot be eaten

TOKYO (Reuters) – Farmers in the Japanese town of Takamatsu began growing strange watermelons about 50 years ago to make their area famous, which are not round but square like ordinary watermelons. Today, these watermelons have become not only the identity of Japan, but are so expensive that the price of such a watermelon can start from 100 100 (PKR 16,000) to 1000 1,000 (PKR 160,000) or more. Arrives Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Today, their cultivation is not limited to Takamatsu, but is being grown and sold online in various parts of Japan. Although they are grown in a natural way, they are very hard and tasteless from the skin to the inside which cannot be eaten in any case.

However, the growers of these “square watermelons” say that the purpose of these watermelons is decoration and decoration while they have nothing to do with food and drink. So they don’t think about it being hard or inedible on the inside.

If you also want to buy this unique gift from Japan, search by searching Square Watermelon on the internet, there are many such square watermelons available for you at many online stores.

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