Novel corona virus reveals another deadly complication in the body

It has been several months since the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus, but medical experts are still emphasizing the main symptoms of the disease, code 19, including dry cough, fever and shortness of breath, as it affects the lungs.

But it also destroys the kidneys, liver and other organs inside the body of people who get very sick.

It has now been revealed that the corona virus also stops the heart movement of some of its victims.

This was revealed in a medical study conducted in the United States.

Nine of the 700 patients in Code 19 treated at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital suffered a sudden cardiac arrest (in which the heart stopped beating abruptly).

Seven of the nine patients were under 60 years of age.

Doctors managed to save the lives of six of the nine patients, but the researchers said the results were a reminder that code 19 was somehow a devastating disease throughout the body.

Researchers also found 53 cases of cardiac arrest with abnormal changes in the heart rate of Code 19 patients undergoing treatment in the ICU, including 9 people with cardiac arrest.

Evidence suggests that these abnormalities in heart function were not caused by the virus directly affecting the heart cells, but by the fact that the immune system became very active against the virus, leading to the spread of dangerous inflammation. ۔

The researchers said that when the body is under a lot of pressure, even under normal circumstances, the heart rate is affected.

The study found that 8 out of 9 cases of cardiac arrest were not of the type that could recur with a normal heart rate.

This means that after CPR and medication, you can pray for a pulse to return, the researchers said.

According to research published in the medical journal Heart Rhythm, some heart problems in coronavirus patients are the result of abnormal blood clots.

In this study, experts discovered a type of abnormality in the heartbeat, A-fab, which itself causes blood clots, so it is difficult to determine whether it is the result of a virus or a disorder of the heartbeat. ۔

According to researchers, blood clots in some cases of code 19 can be a direct result of the virus and in some cases it can be the result of abnormalities in heart function.

He said that if you suffer from cod and also have irregular heartbeat, then this disease becomes a double-edged sword.

The study also found that a number of Code 19 patients who suffered from heart disease were already suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and other ailments.

Earlier, there were cases of coronary heart disease in patients with corona virus in different countries.

The researchers said that they would now continue to evaluate patients who suffered from irregular heartbeats as a result of Code 19, a condition that does not affect them on a long-term basis.

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