New research on the impact of hot weather on the Corona virus has surfaced

Temperatures or climates have begun to heat up in various countries of the world, but will this slow or stop the spread of the new Novel Corona virus? The World Health Organization and various medical experts say that nothing can be said with certainty about how the warmer weather will play a role in preventing the spread of the virus, and such expectations are currently not valid.

However, research in China claims that hot and humid weather can affect the virus’s ability to make people sick.

Research from Beijing-based scientists indicates that each temperature rise and humidity increase will reduce the spread of coronavirus disease code 19.

Researchers say the results indicate that summer and rainy arrivals in the Northern Hemisphere can effectively reduce the spread of Cod 19.

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Experts use the term R0 or NUT to treat the spread of infectious diseases such as new corona virus or infectious disease.

The term ARNAT refers to how many more people a patient can become ill during the outbreak of a pandemic, and predict how quickly the outbreak can spread.

The value of Arnut for the flu is 1.3, while a new Corona virus can affect an average of 2 to 2.5 people.

However, this value is not fixed, but varies with different elements such as how close people are to each other and what the weather is like.

Scientists involved in this new study say that understanding the relationship between weather and the outbreak of cod 19 may be the key to predicting its severity and the end of the outbreak.

The study found that every one centigrade increase in temperature and a 1% increase in humidity levels in the air could reduce the coronary artery value by 0.04 and 0.02, respectively.

For example, if the virus has an ROI value of 2 now, a temperature rise of 7 degrees C will reduce it to 1.6, a 20 percent reduction.

Researchers estimated the KRO value of the virus on data from more than 40 cases in hundreds of Chinese cities from January 21 to 23 and assessed the effects of the virus on the spread of different seasons.

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Researchers discovered that this value was about 2.5 in the northern half of Kerry, which was twice as high as several locations in the southern half where the weather is hot at the moment.

He said that high temperatures and high humidity in the air could significantly reduce the spread of coding 19.

Earlier, a study published in the journal Journal of Hospital Infection March 1 examined the life span of different corona viruses at different levels of the material and discovered that the rise in temperature could lead to the life of a serous virus at the steel level. Duration decreased by at least 50%.

A possible cause is that a layer of fat in the corona viruses protects the viral particles from traveling through the air to one another, but in hot temperatures, the layer becomes dry, allowing the virus The effect goes away.

During the study, researchers also reviewed the average number of daily cases of Corona virus outbreaks in other countries, such as Italy, Australia, Thailand and the United States, from February 8 to 29.

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He discovered that during this period in places like Italy where the temperature was around 9 degrees Celsius, the number of new cases was recorded 4 times higher than other places like Thailand, where the temperature was 35 degrees Celsius. The grade was close.

The same is true with humidity in the air, ie the higher the humidity, the lower the number of new cases.

Higher moisture in the air results in increased erosion and increased sweating, which reduces the chance of evaporation in the air, while also making it harder for virus particles to survive in the air.

To what extent the results of this study are accurate, it will be known in the coming weeks, but there is still a virus in countries where the weather is hot, as the average temperature in Australia is currently close to 24C. So far, it has been confirmed in 709 people.

That is, much is yet to be learned about this new virus and it is important to see how it reacts to the arrival of summer in Asia and other countries.

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