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Nazish Jahangir thinks of suicide twice due to depression

Young actress and model Nazish Jahangir has admitted that she thought of committing suicide at least twice in the past due to severe stress and anxiety.

In her Instagram post, Nazish Jahangir once again spoke openly about mental health, depression and psychological problems, admitting that she was left alone when her mother died.

According to Nazish Jahangir, after his mother left, he suffered from psychological problems and depression and because of these problems, he even thought of ending his life twice.

According to the model and actress, after suffering from depression and psychological problems for 10 years, she decided to change herself and fight against herself and she started looking for and talking to people suffering from depression in her own way and Then slowly his mental health began to improve.


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So here I am, I have been suicidal twice in my life after I lost my mother. I was hopeless I was unable to talk, everything was just meaningless for me. I have fought PTSD for 10 years as I mentioned this earlier but let me tell you all one thing very clearly, only I had a cure and that too within. I stoodup for myself, I took my every breakdown as a lesson, I fought my darkness and left it all behind me. I pray for everyone to be strong enough to talk about it and fight it the same way. There are times in your life when you don’t feel right opening up to anyone, you don’t even want to listen to anyone and that’s the time where you have to talk your heart out and fight the depression living inside you, look for the positivity in your life, extract positivity from negativity, try to be kind with everyone,try to let people live their life the way they want to, try to not judge anyone. It’s a request for wellbeing. Thankyou.❤️?? #staypositive #staysafe #bekind #loveyourself #nazishjahangir

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In his post, he also instructed the fans to take care of other people, understand the mental problems of others and avoid checking the actions of others.

Nazish Jahangir has spoken of his decision to commit suicide twice in the past at a time when Indian actor Shashant Singh Rajput had recently committed suicide due to depression.

Shashant Singh Rajput committed suicide in his flat on June 14. He had been suffering from severe depression for the past few months. His sudden suicide shook the Indian film industry.

Nazish Jahangir started his career in theater in 2015 — Photo: Instagram
After Shashant Singh Rajput committed suicide due to depression, Pakistani actors including India started talking about mental health and Nazish Jahangir also spoke about his depression once again on such an occasion.

Nazish Jahangir has also admitted to depression in the past and said in her Instagram post in February this year that she has been battling stress, confusion and anxiety for a decade.

نازش جہانگیر نے 2015 میں تھیٹر سے کیریئر کا آغاز کیا—فوٹو: انسٹاگرام

He wrote in his post that depression, stress and mental confusion are devastating not only for oneself but also for the family and close friends of the victim and to consult a health professional once such a disease is detected. Should.

Nazish Jahangir admitted mental confusion and tension in February at a time when he had been facing charges for the past few months over his alleged relationship with actor Mohsin Abbas.

The relationship between Nazish Jahangir and Mohsin Abbas was rumored in July last year when Mohsin Abbas was accused of domestic violence by his wife Fatima Sana Sohail, claiming that her husband’s relationship model was Nazish. They are also from Jahangir.

نازش جہانگیر نے 2017 میں ٹی وی پر اداکاری کا آغاز کیا—فوٹو: انسٹاگرام

Later, there were reports that Nazish Jahangir and Mohsin Abbas Sohail were getting married soon. However, Nazish Jahangir later denied all the allegations against him.

Nazish Jahangir started acting on TV in 2017 — Photo: Instagram
Nazish Jahangir had rejected Fatima Sana’s allegations and expressed sympathy for the alleged domestic violence against her.

Later, Fatima Sana Sohail and Mohsin Abbas got divorced.

It may be recalled that Nazeesh Jahangir started his career with theater drama in 2015 and he worked for the first time in Anwar Maqsood’s theater in Karachi.

Later, Nazish Jahangir started acting in the drama Bharosa in 2017, after which his drama came out in the street, Khatakar and other dramas came to the fore.

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