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Introducing new operating systems for Apple devices

Apple has introduced its new iOS 14, iPad 14 and Mac operating system Big Head, which will be part of the company’s new devices this year.

Apple has added new features to new operating systems that will be updated with existing devices.

The Sign in with Apple feature was introduced last year that connects apps to which users create accounts, sign up for new apps and log in to existing apps with Apple ID.

Apple also introduced a feature called Virtual Car, which can be used as a digital key to unlock and start the car from the phone.

In addition, car keys can be shared with your friends with Apple’s encrypted iMessage service.

New features have also been added to the app regarding messages, threads like Facebook have been introduced while improving group chats.

Speaking at Apple’s annual Developers Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a live stream: “Today, the world recognizes all the products and experiences that we have developed, we will continue to diversify, not our own. We will continue to work to improve people’s lives in the years to come. ”

Such measures are not new for Apple’s connection to its services, but the features mentioned in Monday’s developer conference are new.

Apple is unveiling two key elements of iOS and the new version will allow users to switch the default email and browser to Apple’s devices.

The move was made quietly and was not announced at the developers’ conference, but was revealed by sliders.

In iOS 14, the app library will automatically organize all of a user’s apps and provide a simple and easy navigate view.

Similarly, a feature called App Clips will be able to complete a specific task by loading a small part of an app in a few seconds.

The feature of pinning a chat in messages will allow users to top group threads through mansions and online replies.

With the Apple Pencil in iPad OS 14, users will be able to fill in any text space that will automatically be converted to typed text, while replying or searching on iMessage in the Safari browser will also be easier.

Apple has made it possible to search from anywhere on the iPad and you don’t even have to log out of any app.

Apple Watch operating system 7 has changed a lot, now this smartwatch will automatically run a 20 second countdown while washing hands, if the user washes his hands for a short time, he is advised to continue washing his hands. Will

In addition, sleep tracking is being introduced in the Apple Watch, so that the user can sleep for the required time, go to bed on time and get a good night’s sleep routine.

The biggest update to Mac OS Big Head so far has been to equip it with faster performance than ever before and new features have been introduced while protecting user privacy.

Users will now be able to customize the new start page with a background image and sections from the G Readings list and iCloud tabs.

The Mac App Store makes it easy to find and download Apple’s Safari browser extensions, with a new category of editorial spotlights and top charts.

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