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Sanam Marvi announces to quit singing after domestic dispute

Leading Sufi singer Sanam Marvi has announced her retirement from singing after a domestic dispute.

Sanam Marvi’s resignation was announced after her step-sister, singer Reshma Parveen, leveled serious allegations against her and lodged a complaint with the police.

Reshma Parveen released a short video statement in Sindhi language on June 22, claiming that her sister Sanam Marvi broke into her house with private guards and tortured her.

In a video lasting about 2 minutes, Reshma Parveen claimed that Sanam Marvi broke into her house and tortured her and threatened to kill her because she knew about their third marriage.

Reshma Parveen claimed that Sanam Marvi had married a boy named Kabib Nawaz after divorcing Hamid Khan in February.

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Reshma Parveen said that her sister had tortured and threatened to kill Sanam Marvi for talking about the end of her third marriage and the end of her second marriage.

Reshma Parveen said in a video message that after receiving death threats from her sister, she also lodged a complaint with the Lahore police station.

The singer said that she had moved from Sindh to Lahore, the capital of Punjab, three months ago and Sanam Marvi was threatening her to show up alive in Lahore.

After Reshma Parveen issued a statement in Sindhi, the fight between the two sisters on Sindhi social media and media has been a topic since last day.

Both singers are step-sisters. Photo: Electronic Diary Facebook
After the video of step sister Reshma Parveen, Sanam Marvi while talking to Sindhi News Channel (Times News) announced that she will quit singing in next 15 to 20 days.

Sanam Marvi said emotionally that when her family became her enemies and her property and money became the cause of her disputes, she was not interested in working further in such a field.

Sanam Marvi also mentioned the dangers to her life, but did not specify who she was in danger from.

Sanam Marvi did not explicitly mention the controversy with her sister Reshma Parveen and linked her family feud to the fan controversy, saying that one of the reasons for her quitting singing was her character assassination by Sindhi fans.

The singer claimed that after the family feud came to light, Sindh fans were using inappropriate language against her and she did not want to sing any more.

Sanam Marvi also claimed that her fans in Sindh always played her role while other fans across Pakistan respected her.

He also prayed that now the land of Sindh will long for a good singer and Sindh will not get any singer who sings for Shah, Sachal and Sami.

Some fans were angry with Sanam Marvi for linking the family dispute with her fans in Sindh and said that it was the people of Sindh who gave her first love and fame.

Sanam Marvi and Reshma Parveen have the same mother while their father is different.

It may be recalled that Sanam Marvi started singing in Sindhi language, later she also sang in Punjabi, Seraiki and Urdu.

Initially she also lived in Sindh but after marrying Hamid Khan she moved to Lahore and in February this year she divorced Hamid Khan.

She had a marriage before Hamid Khan and her first husband was killed in Karachi.

News of her third marriage came to light only a month after her divorce from Hamid Khan. However, she had denied such reports on social media but now her sister Reshma Parveen has claimed that Sanam has also got married for the third time. ۔

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