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Hackers Attack Singapore Banned Zoom for Online Education

Hong Kong: The government suspended use of video-streaming service Zoom after a hacker hijacked a lesson learn online in Singapore

Schools were closed in Singapore with the announcement of a partial lockdown following the Corona virus, and some teachers were using Zoom-like services to provide education to students.

However, while the students were teaching geography lessons at the zoom, two hackers intervened and replaced them with pornographic images.

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According to the Singapore Ministry of Education, this is a serious matter and it is being investigated and can be reported to the police in this regard.

“We are working with Zoom to further improve security and try to take security measures that are easy to implement,” said Aaron Loh, director of the Education Technology Division of the Ministry.

He added: ‘With precautionary measures, our teachers will not use the zoom until all security issues have been completed.

Considering that Singapore is not the only country affected by telecommunication barriers, a warning was issued by the FBI on March 30 this year that it had received numerous reports that hackers had received telecommunication. Conferencing and online classrooms are being attacked, after which he advised that users not make public meetings under the Zoom app.

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According to Michael Gazelli, managing director and co-founder of cybersecurity firm Network Box, the problem occurs on the Zoom app when users have public meetings for their convenience, making it possible for everyone to be a part of the meeting. Have a link to it.

He added that sometimes the details of these conferences are made public as organizers want more and more participants to be part of the meeting.

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