Fraud case against actress and TV host Ayesha Sana?

Leading actress and TV host Ayesha Sana has been missing from the TV screen for some time now, but now it has been reported that a case of fraud has been filed against her.

According to the report of English newspaper The News, a First Investigation Report (FIR) was lodged against Ayesha Sana by an industrialist at Defense KB Police Station in Lahore, the capital of Punjab.

The report said that the FIR was lodged by industrialist Muhammad Ali Moin, in which it was claimed that the actress had not repaid the Rs 2 million she had borrowed.

According to various media reports, the actress committed fraud of Rs 2 crore; file photo: Instagram

According to the report, in the FIR, the petitioner alleged that the actresses fled when they demanded back the loan of Rs 2 million and did not return the money to them.

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The report states that the FIR states that the actress had also given a check of Rs 2 million to the industrialist for refund.

The report claimed that the police officer investigating the case said that the actress was missing after the FIR was registered and she had not yet appeared before the police.

On the other hand, after the news of the fraud came to light, actress Ayesha Sana did not come up with any explanatory statement.

Ayesha Sana is also seen hosting — Photo: Instagram
In addition, the media reports regarding her fraud are also claiming that the actress has also committed money fraud with other people besides the industrialist who registered the FIR.

The report claimed that the actress had embezzled at least Rs 2 crore through fraud, however, such reports did not provide any authentic evidence nor did it include the position of the actress or the police in this regard.

The news of money fraud by the actress has come at a time when the actress has not been seen on the TV screen for some time now.

Ayesha Sana is not only seen modeling and acting, but she has also hosted TV shows and other events.

She has acted in more than a dozen dramas and hosted programs on TV channels.

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