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We will be back in 15 days,The escaped prisoners left letters to the jailer

Rome: This interesting escape from prison happened in Italy in the same month in which two prisoners not only escaped from the prison but also left a letter to the jailer that they will return in 15 days.

Davad Zukanovich and Lail Ahmetovich, two close relatives, were imprisoned in Rome’s Rabbia prison on charges of forgery and fraud. Both were sentenced to 2029.

However, earlier this month, the two acted like a Hollywood movie and escaped from prison. However, the point of interest in the whole incident is that he left a letter to the jailer stating that the wives of the two were in jail for their involvement in the crime but that their children had something at home. There are problems that need to be addressed to solve them because there is currently no one else who can handle them.
Therefore, he is escaping from the jail for only fifteen days and will return to the jail himself in a maximum of fifteen days.

Rabbia prison officials have confirmed the letter’s authenticity, saying Italian police have launched a search for Zukanovic and Ahmetovich, but the letter has made the whole incident interesting and is very different from other prison escapes

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