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Corona virus deaths are lower than expected, research

Although the death toll from the Corona virus reached around 38,000 worldwide by the afternoon of March 31, a recent study claimed that the outbreak was far less than previously estimated.

Research published in the Medical Scientific Journal, The Pendant, which publishes research reports on diseases and outbreaks, claims that far fewer deaths have been recorded than coronary virus estimates worldwide.

According to a US Broadcasting CNN research report published in The Butternut, recent data on casualties, victims and their treatment suggests that the Corona virus killings are estimated a month ago.

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The study reports that although the deaths from corona virus are lower than previously estimated, they still outnumber those with seasonal influenza.

At present, the data shows that the Corona virus causes 0.66 percent of deaths, which is less than a decade, the study said.

In the past, US specialists, including health professionals, had estimated that 2 percent of the people infected with the Corona virus would go to death.

Initially, experts used to say that 98 percent of the Corona virus is cured, while two percent are killed, but research has shown that the death toll is much lower.

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The death toll for Corona virus patients, though less than estimated, is usually higher than the number of influenza deaths, the report said.

According to the report, recent research has only been done on the data of those killed by the Corona virus, which did not include the deaths caused by Corona as well as other diseases.

Experts say that deaths caused by Corona worldwide have also included deaths due to other illnesses and problems, as they were also attributable to Corona, but only if Corona’s casualties are seen. The death toll is lower than estimated.

The study also found that more deaths due to corona occur in people over the age of 80, while the death rate for 9-year-olds is much lower.

It was also reported that out of every one thousand victims of Corona at the age of 40, at least 2 people died.

Similarly, according to the age calculation, it is said that if a coronary patient is over 50 years, it will take some time to recover and such patients may take 25 days to recover.

The report also states that if a patient does not show symptoms of corona for a few days and if he is suffering from coronary disease, he / she is more likely to die and then sudden death of any patient if acute symptoms appear. May be in the day.

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The research clearly states that deaths due to the Corona virus are higher than influenza, but those deaths are less than the estimates a month ago, and not less than one percent of Corona’s deaths overall.

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