Corona virus kills more people in the US and France than Iran

The European country recorded a record 418 deaths in France on March 30, with 500 deaths due to the Corona virus in the United States for the first time since the two countries increased to more than 3,000, more than Iran.

Initially considered the epicenter of the Corona virus, China had the highest number of casualties in Iran, and by March 31, the total number of deaths was 2757.

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However, with the highest number of deaths in the United States and France for the first time, the two countries moved out of Iran.

According to the Washington Post, the Corona virus caused a record 500 deaths for the first time in the United States on March 30, bringing the death toll to over 3,000.

Out of the 3,000 deaths in the United States, only 1,200 deaths occurred in New York, the state with the most coronary virus patients.

By the morning of March 31, where the death toll had risen to more than 3,000 in the United States, the number of Corona victims had risen to over 65,000, and the number of Corona cases in the United States alone was so high. It is more than the combined cases of China and Iran as a whole.

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The corona virus in China has been affected by 82,000 while Iran has 42,000 people and the combined number of patients in both countries is less than one million 30 thousand, but the number of corona patients in the United States has reached 100,000 ۔

Like the United States, the European country, France, for the first time recorded 418 recorded deaths on March 30, after which the total number of casualties increased to more than 3,000, which is higher than that of Iran.

By March 31, the death toll from Corona had risen to more than 3,000 in France, while the number of patients had risen to more than 45,000.

If the casualties continue in the United States and France, the two countries will probably outnumber the most affected countries, Italy and France.

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US health experts have already expressed concern that the death toll from Corona could rise to two million, while the World Health Organization has also declared Europe and the United States as the center of Corona.

By the morning of March 31, the number of Corona patients had risen to over 7,000 86,000 worldwide, with the death toll approaching 38,000.

Corona’s highest number of patients was 655,000 in the United States, while the highest number of deaths were 11,591 in Italy.

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