Corona severity is not high in most children, research shows

There has been little success in preventing the new Corona virus, but the good news is that medical experts have finally confirmed that children are largely protected from the worst effects of Code 19.

The study, published in the medical journal The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health, found that less than 1 percent of children with code 19 die from the disease and a large number do not need an IU.

In contrast, the adult mortality rate (according to preliminary data) is more than 10% in the countries affected by COD 19.

The study looked at about 600 children in 21 European countries who had been confirmed to have Code 19.

The children ranged in age from 3 days to 18 years, while about 75% had no pre-existing disease.

The researchers found that more than 50 percent of children were hospitalized, but only 8 percent needed an ICU, while only 4 died of the disease, with a mortality rate of 0.69 percent.

According to research, the overall mortality rate from COD 19 in children may be even lower because most children do not even need medical attention.

For example, 16% of the children in the study did not show symptoms of code 19 and were tested because they were close to another infected person.

The researchers found that one-month-old babies may need more ICUs than older babies, but the four babies who died were more than 10 years old.

Two of these children were already suffering from a disease which is already considered to be an exacerbation factor of Code 19.

Researchers say that infection with another virus, such as influenza or another type of coronavirus, is likely to increase the severity of the disease in children, and that the new virus may be more prevalent this year or next winter. The combination should have a greater effect on children.

Data for this study were collected from April 1 to April 24. Until children with code 19 developed a disease similar to Kawasaki, the rate is still low, the researchers are determined to find out. Whether or not this complication is really related to the corona virus.

Earlier this month, British scientists said children were more likely to be protected from the corona virus because they often had the common cold.

Medical experts say that children are more resistant to the virus because their immune systems are already ready to deal with the common cold.

That is why children are more resistant to the virus than adults, Oxford University professor John Bell told the British Parliament’s Science and Technology Committee.

“This is a surprising hypothesis at the moment, which suggests that most young or middle-aged people may have protective cells or T cells that have already been exposed to the corona virus, which can cause them to die,” he said. There is some protection from the virus.

“Numerous children are infected with seasonal corona viruses and this is very common in our populations, which leads to strong immunity against corona viruses in most children, it has not been proven yet, but T cells There is evidence that this could help reduce the effects of the new corona virus.

Research reports have shown that by the age of 4, 70% of children have developed antibodies against seasonal corona viruses, which provide them with vital protection.

“This raises the question of how much herd immunity there is in the population, this is a very important point and it needs to be addressed,” said Professor John Bell.

Professor Adrian Hayday, head of the immunology department at King’s College London, said young people’s immune systems work as well as possible against the new virus.

“In all adults between the ages of 30 and 35, the strength of the T cells is gradually weakened, compared to the fact that children are better able to cope with a completely new virus,” he said. Are ‘.

Elderly people have weakened immune systems or cells that increase the risk of many diseases, scientists say.

But Professor John Bell said that for most people, the corona virus does not cause serious illness. Does not experience high intensity.

He added that the immune system of people of different ages works differently, 70% of people who are exposed to the virus never show any symptoms, on the one hand it is not a bad disease, but on the other hand It’s horrible, in fact most people don’t know it when they have the disease

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